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Best Manicure & Pedicure Treatments Available!

Nail Salon  | Hair And Body Works : Lillington, NC

We understand that your nails are an important part of your beauty. They can make a huge difference in how good you, your hands and your feet look and how you feel about yourself. At our nail salon, we can provide you with the best manicure and pedicure treatments available.

Here are some of the services our nail salon offers:


Offering a number of different manicures, we will make sure that your hands and nails are in tip top shape. Here are our most popular choices:

• Basic manicure $15
• Spa manicure $25
• Gel polish manicure $35
• Gel Nails w/Tips $40
• Fill-in $20
• Nails soak off $15


At our nail salon, we understand how much you like having smooth feet with great toenails, so we offer a number of different pedicures for you to choose from.

• Basic pedicure $25
• Spa pedicure $35
• Gel polish pedicure $40
• Spa gel polish pedicure $50

Island Bliss Manicure & Pedicure (Spa)

The decadent scent of coconut milk infused with and exotic hint of star fruit creates an atmosphere of deep relaxation provided by these indulgent nail treatments. Soaking the hands and feet in this enticing blend of floral notes and warm island aromas both relieves tension and softens the skin. In addition to the benefits of a traditional manicure and pedicure, the Island Bliss manicure & pedicure further promotes healing of the hands and feet with a coconut blend of essential oils which, when paired with pure sugar cane will polish the skin while simultaneously providing a deep, long-lasting hydration. Enjoy the benefits of the Island Bliss manicure & pedicure together or individually.

• Manicure 25minutes/ $25.00
• Pedicure 60minutes/ $50.00