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Massage  | Hair And Body Works : Lillington, NC

Here at Hair And Body Works, we can provide you with the best massage you could ever imagine. Our massage therapists are highly qualified and will only give you the best treatments. With a wide variety to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the right treatment for you.

Schedule your massage appointment today! (919) 422-2889 or (910) 814-1155 and choose from the following treatments:

Swedish massage
Indulge yourself with this medium pressure classic massage. To soothe the muscle tension, reduce stress, increase circulation, while stimulating the nervous system that aids to relaxation, thereby calming aches and pains that one may have. Completing your massage with soothing hot towels to relax and to take off any excess oil or lotion. Rejuvenate yourself and escape reality with your choice.

30 min - $35 / 60 min - $ 65
90 min - $90 / 120 min - $120

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep pressure massage along specific muscle groups, to help reduce pain and tension, loosening muscle, relieving trigger points, increasing range of motion reducing stiffness. Best results achieved with a series of sessions to build upon the last. Expand your range of motion with your selection of:

30 min - $35 / 60 min - $65
90 min - $90 / 120 min - $120

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth stones heated in a bath of hot water to melt away stress and tension, coupled with a Swedish massage for the ultimate relaxation. Using nature’s energy to rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Stones placed on points of the body for a deeper penetrating heat to sooth aching muscles, completing your experience with soothing hot towels. Get rejuvenated with your choice of:

60 min - $75
Best choice 90 min - $100
Ultimate choice 120 min - $130

Expecting Mothers

Enjoy this relaxing massage especially designed for mothers to be. Helps to relieve tension, stress, and low back pain associated with pregnancy. Improves circulation to help with water retention and ease tired muscles. Very nurturing to mom and baby too! Side lying position for your comfort. *Note* this massage is available once you reach your second trimester. If you’re having any compilations with your pregnancy, a doctor’s note would be required.

30 min - $35 / 60 min - $65


This holistic approach of healing and restoring your body through your feet is the perfect way to ultimate relaxation. (FYI) = your feet have approximately 7,200 nerve endings and is a mini map of your body, and has stimulating points that correspond with organs, glands, and body parts. What a wonderful way to reduce stress, improve circulation and restore balance to your mind body and soul. This is a compression massage on points of the feet, hand and ears, completed with hot towels to melt away your stress. Choose from:

30 min - $35 / 60 min - $65 and 90 min - $90


Reiki is Energy work or assisted meditation, a light holding or placing of hands through the chakra points of the body to achieve relaxation. This is to bring awareness to emotions or feeling of the different chakras with the body, mind and soul. A physical and psychological healing experience. Feeling renewed, rejuvenated and peaceful. Come enjoy the experience of a peaceful journey.

30 min - $35 / 60 min - $65

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Light pumping compressions and gliding strokes that aid in the drainage of the lymph system. This is to help reduce excess fluids due to injury, chronic inflammation, or drainage of lymph vessels after surgery, radiation therapy, or from congenital defects. Very relaxing and soothing touch. Choose from.

30 min - $ 35 / 60 min - $65

Salt Scrub Exfoliation Treatments

Customize your treatment by choosing any of these invigorating and soothing exfoliation treatments, which remove dry tired skin cells, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer. Completing with a light Swedish massage while applying protective moisturizer to leave your skin hydrated.

Fragrance choices are:
Lavender, Cranberry, Coconut and Lime, Chocolate, Mango, Pumpkin spice or Champagne and rose just to name a few. * Note: Some of our fragrance choices are seasonal, you may want to inquire what might be available at the time of your treatment. Prices could vary depending on the length of the massage time requested.

30 min - $45 / 60 min - $75 / 90 min - $100

Citrus Body Polish

This amazing body polish treatment will not only exfoliate, but will leave your skin feeling renewed, soft, silky and hydrated. Pleasantly scented with lemon, orange and lime essential oils. Massaged into the skin and lightly brushed off you will look and feel refreshed and renewed.

60 min - $75 / 90 min - $100

Lavender Vanilla sugar glow

The afterglow of this body treatment will reveal softer younger looking skin, leaving skin hydrated and nourished. Hot towels will remove and reveal your new glow, completing your body treatment with a Swedish massage for the finishing touch.

60 min - $75 / 90 min - $100

Body Wraps

Seaweed Gel Wrap

This moisturizing body wrap rich in nutrients will rejuvenate, stimulate, hydrate, and detoxify all in one. Sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath Blue Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify. Moisturizing with extracts of willow bark, aloe-Vera oil and lavender. Come and be cocooned in this luxurious body wrap and enjoy a face and scalp massage that will take you away to relaxing dream land. Once wrap is removed enjoy light Swedish massage to top off your massage treatment. Come loose yourself in luxury by choosing from.

90 min - $105 / 120 min - $135

Lotus Touch Sea Algae Powder or Professional Sea Weed Powder

This is an excellent treatment during weight loss, helps to improve skin elasticity, stimulates circulation, hydrating and invigorates skin tissue. Also helps with detoxification to eliminate toxins stored in your musculature structure. The Professional Sea Weed Powder is ideal for cellulite treatments, it combines the detoxifying properties of sea algae and exfoliating benefits of brewer’s yeast and spirulina to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin. For a more slimmer look and feel. Completed with a light Swedish massage.

90 min - $105 / 120 min - $135

Massage and Wellness Program

This is a program designed to help make your treatments more affordable, so that you may treat yourself more often, especially for those who are in pain every day and who are searching for a more holistic approach to help manage the aches and pains. This program will also help those who just need to relax and reset you muscles monthly. Choose from these:

*3 months or 3 hours to use as you wish $60 per the hour.

*6 months or 6 hours to use as you wish $55 per the hour.

*12 months or 12 hours to use as you wish $ 50 per the hour.

The sessions can be used in 30/60/90 min increments until time is used up.

You may pay all up front or set up a plan to pay for each visit as you use them. It’s recommended not to skip your monthly visit so that you can see the results and benefits of your massage, enjoy being more relaxed and in touch with your body. You must take time for yourself or time will take you by surprise! Take advantage of these prices by setting up your program today.

$ 10 off First Massage with Connie / at Hair & Body works